What Makes a Designer Handbag so Pricey?

Many women shopping for a designer handbag for the first time will be astounded by the prices quoted. With starting prices of around $800, designer handbags are not exactly a routine shopping item for many. The fact remains that a good brand name handbag will always attract oohs and aahs along with enviable and adoring looks. Anyone who owns one will tell you how satisfying it is to bask in this glow, which is why these bags are so adorable. What makes them so pricey anyway?

Brand name

Big luxury name handbags will usually have earned their reputation over many years. The almost impossible to get Birkin bag is on the wish list of even top celebrities. You get on a waiting list and wait for one or two years to get your bag. Even then, expect to fork out over $100,000 for this bag.

Glamorous association

There are three coveted names when it comes to luxury handbags; Jane Birkin, Jackie Onassis and Grace Kelly. If a handbag brand graced the hands of these fashion icons, be sure the asking price is in the thousands of dollars. The fashion houses have perfected the art of making these handbags highly desirable items. The pricing formula is very simple. Take a high-fashion brand, associate it with a glamorous personality, and the coveting index climbs by hundreds of percentages.

Limited editions

Fashion houses will have limited editions from time to time. This means if you miss out, it is gone. The Fear of Missing out (FOMO) will prompt many to open up their money purses without question.


Quality of make

Premium designer handbags are exclusively handmade. This means meticulous attention to detail. Handcrafting also gives each bag a unique look as stitching and cutting will invariably differ. Bags are made of expensive materials including rare metals like palladium and rare snake leather. The end product is a unique item which can only command extraordinary prices.

Snobbery index

Big-name French luxury handbags Louis Vuitton, Cartier and Hermes, were not initially accessible for the common folk. You had to have a title like a Duchess, a lady or a princess to get one. These were art objects or fashionable items for the aristocratic class when nobility meant a lot. One way of claiming bragging rights in this class of society was to show total opulence (think gold fabrics), and an unflinching stare in the face of outrageous prices. Nowadays, that these bags are available to the common folk, they should be prepared for this claim to fame.

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