Gifts for a Queen: Luxury Gifts Ideas for Mom in 2017

What better way to show the woman who nurtured and brought you up than with luxury gifts befitting her special position in your heart? The good thing with mom gift ideas is that they work for other remarkable women in your life like your favorite aunt, grandma or even the mother-in-law. So what are the top luxury gifts for women 2017?

Scented candles

Who doesn’t love nice fresh smells? Scented candles are an excellent idea. You don’t have to worry about colors or other personal preferences as the scents like frangipani, jasmine, and tuberose are favorites. Go ahead and pick one with an artfully designed candleholder.

Scented Candles

Stamped jewelry

Gold and silver jewelry will always hit with women of all ages. Add customized stamping to make these genuinely luxury gifts. The stamping can be a simple ‘Love You Mom’ or initials, or years commemorating a special milestone like 75 years.

Stamped jewelry

High brand cashmere sweater

While she may have several sweaters in her closet, a luxury brand sweater will be appreciated. Avoid those cheap or generic Asian knockoffs and go for well-known brands with high-quality cashmere like a Vince Boxy.

Cashmere Sweater

Customized mugs

You know she loves tea. Why not get her a tea mug that will remind her of something special every time she takes a sip? Better yet, get her one of those self-stirring mugs so that her cocoa is always well-mixed. There are many mug-printing services online. Get ideas from Pinterest.

Customized Coffee Mug

Anti-aging skincare cream

Not that you are saying she is getting old, but still a high-quality skin care cream will be something she secretly wishes for. Get her a luxury brand like Erasa and she will be calling you to ask where she can get another pack in several weeks.

Anti-aging skincare cream

Stand mixer

If you love her cookies, make it easier for her to bake them. With this appliance, she can make pretty much any dough mixture. You will enjoy her renewed interest in baking.

Stand mixer

Tea-making kit

Whether she loves her tea green or black or Matcha, she will be delighted with a tea-making pack. She has probably recently discovered the rejuvenating benefits of Matcha tea. The tea making pack enables her to make the tea just as she sees the Japanese doing it on YouTube.

Tea Making Kit

Holiday gift idea

She worked hard so that you can enjoy your occasional trips to the Caribbean. Let her have a taste of it too. A luxurious vacation is probably one of the best holiday gifts for a woman you could ever think of. Get her a first class ticket on British Airways, and she will never forget.

Holiday Gift Idea

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