Most Lavish Celebrity Real Estate in New York

The luxury real estate market in New York City keeps going up in price in large part due to the significant interest of celebrities wanting to live in the Big Apple. With New York still being a mecca for entertainment, it’s little surprise that the celebrity real estate market continues to grow. Here are six celebrity homes in NYC that are considered the most lavish in all the city.

Brooke Shields

The Greenwich Village townhouse owned by Shields is something to behold. A charming, eye-catching home that is tastefully decorated, but not above adding quirky touches that mix beautifully with the more expensive furnishings. There is something innocent, yet lavish in the way that Shields has decorated her home to make it stand out. Plus, there is a wonderful comfy feel that brings the themes together in the best way possible.

John Legend & Chrissy Teigen

This celebrity home offers only a single bedroom and is spartanly decorated, but the embossed brick and use of light provide for a clean, simple residence. Cozy, beautiful, and easy on the eyes, this remarkable home is highly desired precisely because it is lavish with minimal accessories for a clean, desirable appearance.

Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten’s SoHo penthouse is something to behold. A spacious, eclectically furnished residence that offers concrete ceiling, brick walls, and large, industrial-size windows that compliments the décor to a T. It’s simple, elegant design provides some old-fashioned furnishings that are perfectly complemented by the overall size and space of the penthouse.

Mary-Kate Olsen & Olivier Sarkozy

The Olsen Twins have made an enormous amount of money during their careers, and part of that is reflected in the lavish, five-bedroom townhouse owned by Mary-Kate and her husband, Olivier Sarkozy. The home has some unusual architectural features which include a hall of mirrors that help make this residence unique, down to the French poems embossed on the bedroom ceiling.

Neil Patrick Harris

Over the years, Neil Patrick Harris has made a substantial salary with “How I Met Your Mother” and you can see it in the Harlem residence where he lives with his partner David Burtka along with their twins. There is a simple elegance that permeates the home that offers a simple, refreshing vibe that seems both relaxed and tailored at the same time, not unlike Harris himself.

Sarah Jessica Parker

One of the most stunning homes in all of NYC, this one seemingly has it all with a floating tub, a marble-enhanced kitchen which is quite spacious, and a curved banister that compliments the already impressive design. There is a strong, modern-style to the home, yet it is quite accessible and feels lived-in while still retaining an open, spacious quality.

There is little doubt that the celebrity real estate market will continue to grow in the foreseeable future thanks in large part to the desire of the rich and famous to reside in NYC. For luxury real estate owners, it provides an opportunity to sell their property to celebrities for a tidy sum.

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