Where do the Uber Rich Store Their Cars

The world’s so-called 1% – the super-rich, are avid car collectors. They splash out millions just to get hold of the latest (or vintage) Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Bentley or Maybach. But, where do the Uber Wealthy tuck away all their super-cool rides?
Read on to discover fabulous ways the wealthiest lot store their auto toys.

In Mega Garages or Museums

At least that’s where the talk show big man Jay Leno parks his collection of expensive supercars. The custom garages are fitted with latest in HVAC, designer floors, and specialty paintwork, and forth. You’ll find all kinds of automotive toys – from vintage 1963 Bentley S3 to the latest Porsche 918 Spyder.

A Supercar Gallery

The newly bought, $70million mansion in LA comes with a top-notch 6-supercar gallery. It spins, lifts, and exhibits luxury supercars like art. The upscale car gallery is equipped with a 17-ft spinner and hydraulic-driven car elevator. The lucky owner can catch a glimpse of that super bright Bentley right from the comfort of the living room.

A Supercar Gallery

In Racetrack Garage Villa

The Thermal Club, an exclusive racetrack country club, sells lots to Uber affluent members to construct insanely expensive garage villas for their supercars. The membership starts from a whopping $85000 in this La Quinta-based racetrack club.

Racetrack Garage Villa

Right in the Penthouse

Just when you think luxury living can’t get better, the Miami-based real estate developer comes up with a fabulous idea. That’s right; luxury condo developer Gil Dezer is building a 57-story high-rise in collaboration with Porsche. In this Uber rich condo, owners don’t have to leave their cars to get into their penthouses.

Right in the Penthouse

In “Car Banks”

Where would you keep your diamonds, gold, and other valuables? Safe deposit boxes, right? That’s exactly what the wealthiest are doing – they are storing their supercars in safe parking lots that look and function like banks. At any given time, Exotic Classics – a “car bank” in Sussex, NY, stores more than 100 super expensive cars each worth millions.

Car Banks

At Auto Concierge

It’s not uncommon for the super-rich to own more Bentleys, Porsches or Ferraris than their garages can accommodate. That could be a big deal for you, but not for the Uber Wealthy. Companies like Auto Concierge in LA have a massive secure warehouse where they can store their client’s supercars. Besides storage, car concierges offer a myriad of other mundane services such as checking oil, filling up the tank, and scheduling routine checkups.

Auto Concierge

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