Best and Most Popular Smartwatches for 2018

Smartwatches have become the new fad in exercise, being used in different workout programs that range from marathon training to bodybuilding and more. What follows are the five best, most popular smartwatches that run the gamut of features and hold up quite well even during the most intense exercise sessions.

Casio Pro Trek WSD-F20

Casio WSD-F20

From one of the most well-known watch companies, the WSD-F20 represents the latest in the line of smartwatches from Casio. This is Android Wear 2.0 and offers numerous features such as a low-energy GPS system, a beautiful full-color map that you can read right off the watch, customizable information, atmospheric pressure, altitude, and so much more. The attention to detail is only matched by the inherent beauty and durability of the materials used in the construction of this smartwatch.

Garmin Fenix 5Garmin Fenix 5

An impressive smartwatch armed with an equally remarkable price, the Fenix 5 is a multisport watch that offers all the features you expect, plus an impressive battery life of up to two weeks when in smartwatch mode. There is also a GPS mode and UltraTrac Battery saver mode of up to 75 hours for your workouts. The ABC sensors combine with the advanced workout programs, smart notification, and training effect to make this Garmin smartwatch a complete product for your exercise needs.

Suunto Spartan Ultra TitaniumSuunto Spartan Ultra Titanium Heart Rate Monitor

An all-in-one device that tracks over 80 different sporting activities, this entry from Suunto provides 24/7 activity tracker, a premium titanium bezel with sapphire crystal face for maximum durability, a speed sensor that includes a heart rate belt, a Movescount app that uploads your exercise info and personal metrics and so much more. It also offers a high-accuracy GPS, and the watch itself is handmade from Finland as a final touch.

TAG Heuer Connected 2TAG Heuer Connected 2

This is the more expensive version that is being released this year but will most likely be in high demand next year as well. Offering an impressive GPS system, excellent exercise features, connectivity to your smartphone, and longer battery life, the TAG Heuer Connected 2 is the premiere release from the company that offers exceptional service for its hefty price tag. In many ways, it’s like Android Wear 2.0 regarding the features it provides and how it functions.

Tissot Smart TouchTissot Smart Touch

Based on the T-Touch Solar models, this entry from Tissot offers a titanium case, sapphire crystal face, and ceramic bezel that encases a myriad of features all high-quality design. From a timer, alarm, barometer, compass, and temperature gauge, it also connects to your smartphone so you can access even more features. While the price reaches over $1,700, this entry by Tissot has just about everything you expect in a luxury smartwatch.

You can choose from the many smartwatches that are available today and by 2018. The five listed here are the ones most likely to make the most significant impact next year because they combine the right features, durability, flexibility, and inherent beauty that makes them some of the best in the world.

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