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Have you been perusing the luxury blogs looking at all those glossy pictures, surprised at how much the world has to offer in the finer things of life? Indeed, there are plenty of choices in luxurious lifestyles available for pretty much anyone across the globe. Top end brands in fashion, jewelry, and home living are within reach if you know where to look. Here at Luxury. live, we aim to keep you on top of things to maintain your lifestyle, with luxury blogging aimed at highlighting the best in luxurious lifestyles.

What are people talking about?
Granted that different people have different ideas on how to conduct their luxurious lifestyles, some discussions will always come up. Luxurious properties are also on the priority lists of people who want to live with a difference. Some of the hot luxury markets like condos in Manhattan and Monaco are seeing a lot of interest. More people prefer to travel the world and feel at home. If this means having an apartment in New York, Paris, Hong Kong and Dubai, there are no limits.

At Luxury.live, we are always highlighting the best of the top end fashion brands. If you need to get all the highlights of the top brands as they get out, this is the place where luxury blogging tells you what is happening and where. We will dutifully review all the luxurious brands in handbags, accessories, shoes and apparel.

A luxurious lifestyle is never complete without exclusive holiday getaways. Nowadays, you can be in New York today and be lounging at the Trou Aux Biches Beach in the Mauritius the next day. Why not?

We highlight the best and most exclusive holiday destination in places that are yet to be ‘discovered’ and crowded. You will get to know of the best hotels and resorts in far-out destinations like the Maldives, Seychelles, and Madagascar. Of course, the discussions would not be complete without talking about what delicacies you should savor at each destination.

Fine dining and wining complete the picture. Get involved in discussions of the exotic dishes from around the world. Who is the world’s top sushi chef? Where can you get the best Kobe beef? We fill in the gaps where other luxury blogs are missing on these little details.

This is a blog for all the lovers of the finer things in life, looking to live life to the fullest. Always visit luxury.live for happenings in the world of luxury lifestyles.